New Clothes

Driving in the car the other day, my lovely bride happened to ask my seven year old son whether he knew what Easter was. The holiday was fast approaching and it seemed appropriate to have a "good parent" moment and provide the boy with some context. "It's the bunny, right?" Ah. Well, not exactly. She … Continue reading New Clothes


WARNING: This blog post starts easily enough but turns wonky. Also, I don't think it's finished, but I'm posting anyway. Proceed at your own risk. I've been doing CrossFit lately. After three and a half weeks of it, I finally have those perfect abs! You'll just have to believe me, here, as my camera seems … Continue reading Good


Why won't you change? You know what I mean. Here are the facts: You will admit you're not perfect. You will readily concede that you are far from it, in fact. When pressed, you may even grant that you are not as happy as you would like to be. What's more, you might have a bead … Continue reading Change


We spread the ashes of my friend's father today. The rain fell, the birds sang, the mountain received its dusting. Though I did not know the departed, I wept. My own father passed some twenty-six years ago, when he was two months older than I am now: 38 (or so). In another twenty-six-ish years, my … Continue reading Ashes


When you hear the word "integrity" generally you think of honesty, trustworthiness, and character. However, I want to focus on another aspect of integrity: self-awareness. Integrity is oneness, consistency, among what you believe, what you do, and what you say. A friend of mine actually coined an adjective version that think is catchy: integritous. Like … Continue reading Integrity


"Where is your heart?" It's a question I've been asked a time or two by believers trying to make sense of my de-conversion. I get where it's coming from. They worry about me...and maybe a bit about themselves, too. Though it may not be an explicit thought, atheism, leaving the faith, "backsliding", straying -- all of … Continue reading Heart


I was talking with a Christian recently who happens to be very close and dear to me. As we chatted, she mentioned, "Sometimes I think not believing in God would be much simpler." "It is," I said. "Much." When I believed Jesus was intimately involved in my life, that took up a lot of brain … Continue reading Simplicity


It is Easter season, and that means Facebook, emails, greeting cards, and the like are filled with messages of hope in the resurrection of Jesus. What could be better than the wonderful and wondrous message that God's own son, after He died for our sins, rose from the dead and, after some time among us, went up into Heaven where He waits for us to join Him in blissful, joyous communion forever and always? I'll tell you.


A woman named Kate claims to have witnessed a miracle. Specifically, she says that within the last year or so she and a few others prayed over a woman who had been born with one leg shorter than another and who had experienced a good bit of resulting pain. As they were praying, Kate saw the woman's leg actually grow to be the same length as the other. Further, the woman reported that her pain was gone. Kate claims that this healing event was a lasting one. Are miracles real? If so, what implications might they have for faith?

A Mission to Believers

The idea for this blog grew out of an essay I wrote and posted on Facebook called The Joy of Unbelief: My Testimony. It is the story of how I journeyed into and then out of Christian faith. That essay generated some interesting responses both online and off, and the subsequent conversations led me to a surprising conclusion. Just as Christians seek to proselytize, so should I seek to do the same. The purpose of this blog, then, is simply this: To minister to believers of all stripes and share with them the sense of joy, purpose, and freedom that comes from relinquishing belief in the supernatural.