Just learned that an old friend lost her young boy. Her only child. Kid was about the age of my son, maybe 6 or 7 or so.

Car accident. An all-of-a-sudden thing. Everyone else involved is apparently ok, physically. Organs donated. Someone’s life possibly saved by this child’s unwitting sacrifice. God’s hand at work, I guess.

But here’s the thing. They say that God is almighty, omnipotent. He can do anything and everything. If He so chooses.

He’s omniscient, too, according to the prevailing view. So He knew this was coming.

Did He choose not to spare this boy and his family? Or was He unable to do so? Set aside the “good” that came from the tragedy, the boy whose life may have been saved by the donated organs.

Consider my old friend. Did God choose to allow her to experience the deepest pain one can imagine? Or was He impotent to prevent it?

People say God exists. They say He is good. And they say He is almighty. These three assertions cannot all be true, given the current circumstance of my friend.

Perhaps He is not almighty, in which case He could not save the boy.

Perhaps He is not good, in which case He is not worthy of praise or adulation.

Or perhaps He is not there. In this case the tragedy is no less painful. But it is understandable, given our imperfect world.

With no God there, we each become that much more important to each other. We are all we have. We can love and cry and hurt with each other in times like these. We can encourage and sympathize and simply care for one another.

And eventually, we can live and smile and laugh together again. We are not almighty, but we do have power. We have the power to love each other.