It is Easter season, and that means Facebook, emails, greeting cards, and the like are filled with messages of hope in the resurrection of Jesus.

What could be better than the wonderful and wondrous message that God’s own son, after He died for our sins, rose from the dead and, after some time among us, went up into Heaven where He waits for us to join Him in blissful, joyous communion forever and always? I’ll tell you. The truth is better. But I don’t want to spend time debunking the resurrection; that’s killjoy talk.

Instead, I want to tell you about the wonder and beauty of a life of reason. A dear friend wrote to me today:

I believe…that there is a God, something supernatural that created and loves us. I guess it is “magic”, blind faith, etc. But I’m too afraid to imagine a life without something special. I can’t go there.

This fear is common, I think. It is also unnecessary. I spent much of today loving my family and feeling their love in return. This evening I sat on the couch with two wee goobers, one under each arm, watching a fun movie; that is what life is all about. Earlier today, as she was going about her daily chores (self-assigned, I assure you!), I watched my wife, saw her for who she is. I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder at how fortunate I am to have found someone so good. Even work today filled me with a pleasingly satisfactory sense of doing good in the world.

None of this, of course, strictly has anything to do with reason. So far, I’ve only described my emotions. Notice what was absent from my description, though: I did not have to thank any force outside of nature for my good situation, but I felt a sense of gratitude. I did not have to admit of a supernatural being’s undying and infinite love for me, but I felt an immense and full love. I did not mention God’s will for me, but I felt like my life had purpose.

In short, the joy I felt today may not be “rational.” However, it is free from the unreasonable, which only adds to its purity. That such joy can coexist with reason is more than enough cause to be filled with hope this weekend.

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