The idea for this blog grew out of an essay I wrote and posted on Facebook called The Joy of Unbelief: My Testimony. It is the story of how I journeyed into and then out of Christian faith.

That essay generated some interesting responses both online and off, and the subsequent conversations led me to a surprising conclusion. Just as Christians seek to proselytize, so should I seek to do the same. The original purpose of this blog, then, was simply this: To minister to believers of all stripes and share with them the sense of joy, purpose, and freedom that comes from relinquishing belief in the supernatural.

Since its inception, however, I’ve decided to wander from the original missionĀ a bit and just talk about whatever’s on my mind. I’ve even included some fiction for some reason. So we’re not really talking about a “mission,” I guess. More of an a-teleological meander.

Yeah, that’s it…